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I did Mumbai in just 12 hours because I docked here while working aboard a cruise ship. But, to be clear, you need WAY more than 12 hours in Mumbai. Much more.

You could spend weeks here observing the daily hum of India’s financial capital. Its culture is steeped in intricate traditions and stories that aren’t apparent to the casual visitor….And that’s why you need Pranav. Pranav of Grand Mumbai Tours .

I just broke the cardinal rule of writing for web and told you the golden-nugget of this post before you even got to my listicle or pretty pictures. That should tell you how strongly I feel about getting out this secret.

You could stop reading now, OR you could find out why Pranav is the only person you’ll need for your short visit to Mumbai.

Here’s everything my tour-group and I accomplished with Pranav’s Grand Mumbai Tour, all in under 12 hours  [takes big inhale…]

1. Sampled authentic street food.

2. Saw the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel


3. Got a history lesson beneath the Gateway of India


Completed in 1920, this architectural individual is the first thing you see when approaching Mumbai by boat.

4. Got an education at The University of Mumbai


Another architectural beauty, this regal campus will make you want to wear something elbow-patched.

5. Ate my weight in Tandoori chicken, saag paneer, and garlic naan at one of Pranav’s family-favorite restaurants.

(I’m actually not going to show you a picture of this because apparently I went all cookie-monster on the meal as soon as it hit the table. The only picture I have is a half devoured plate of various curries swirled together. It doesn’t look appetizing. But I assure you, it was the best butter chicken and saag I’ve ever had. And who can ruin garlic naan? Answer: no one.)

6. Cleansed my big toe of all its sins at Banganga Tank.

7. Went to ‘church.’

8. Watched the biggest game of cricket I’ve ever seen


9. Got lost in the Crawford Market.

Events not pictured: A ride on India’s major mode of transit–the Mumbai Local Train. I did not partake in this activity because I have this weird thing about being on fast-moving vehicles that don’t have doors. I know, crazy. But the rest of my tour lived to tell the tale. So those who don’t have irrational fears will enjoy this part of the tour.

Whatsmore, we also managed to squeeze in some last minute shopping where I bargained for beautiful batik stamps with road-side vendors, and scored myself pair of flowy pants that I like to wear when gorging on garlic naan, because I’m nostalgic like that.

My day spent with Pranav of Grand Mumbai Tours was really incredible. I’m not usually one to travel in large groups, preferring the solo adventure myself, but seeing Mumbai with a good group of friends was the perfect way to do it. I was a fortuitous tag-along to this tour, and I’m forever grateful I decided to stick with the group here. Mumbai is not the city to aimlessly wander as a young, blonde female. I wish I could tell you differently, but it’s simply wiser to travel in groups.

I couldn’t believe how much I saw and learned within just one day. Pranav is the ultimate entertainer and tour-guide. He was engaging, charismatic, and full of fascinating information. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t like the look of something I’ve listed here; Pranav will build a tour around what you want to see in the city. Our main request? Food. Tandoori to be specific. So when our group was turned away from a restaurant for being too big, Pranav did some quick thinking (and phone calling) and had us sitting down sipping Lassies within the hour a different restaurant that happily accommodated us all. You won’t hear “Sorry folks, not this time” with Grand Mumbai Tours.

But most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT forget to ask Pranav about his acting career…With a background in finance, many people never know about his secret passion—to be a star! He does a riveting monologue that will have you deeply moved.

This comes at no extra charge.

*I received no commission or affiliate profit from this post. I’m telling you about it because Pranav is fabulous and everyone should know.

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