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This travel journal isn’t a tome of travel literature like I so love to read on the train. Still, it’s an inspiring travel read I keep with me wherever I go. It’s my travel journal Swept Away by Wanderlust by Axel and Ash….Or is it a travel bible? You decide.

I picked this journal up at Ampersand on Crown Cafe Bar & Bookstore  while wending around Surrey Hills (Sydney, Australia). As I was paying for a coffee I saw this book by the register. I loved its simple, understated canvas cover.

My eye was drawn to one of my favorite words “Wanderlust,” artfully scripted on the cover.


Little did I know how much it would continue to inspire my travels for the next 18 months.

I love its texture, I love its message, I love its feel. Love it all. I love it so much, I can’t bring myself to write in it. Sigh. Anyone else paralyzed in front of a blank canvas?….I digress.

I still look through “Swept Away by Wanderlust” for inspiration, because that’s just what it’s for–to inspire future travels and reminisce on unforgettable memories.

It’s a fill-in-the-blank style journal full of prompts and pictures.

I use it to kick my writer’s block in the butt. Or light a fire under my photography aspirations.

wanderlust journal world inspiration

Ignore my drab nails, and take a moment to look at the stunning photography. Don’t you love my ring? Thanks  Tranquilla Studios

Filled with inspirational prompts like “A Letter to My Future Self.” Other pages have list-style ideas like “the season is…in front of me I see…my quest is here…the thought of living here makes me.”

I don’t know about you but I often get caught between the juxtaposition of recording my travels for posterity, and actually taking the moment to enjoy them. I’m quick to whip out my camera, but did I even pause to appreciate that moment before I started framing it for Instagram?

What am I remembering here? me grumbling at my camera settings or the beauty of the Northern Oregon coastline?

This journal will make you stop, think, listen. It’s message:

Travel and live with awareness.

Ask the hard questions. Enjoy the simple things.

Yep. Bible, it’s my bible.

Map Journal


Stay tuned for my reviews of Axel & Ash’s other two Wanderlust-y Journals:

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