Theatre Review: “Sinatra: The Man & His Music” on The West End

Frank Sinatra London Palladium

Diving into the Theatre Scene in London was top on my to-do list. But with only a few nights in town I had to narrow down my endless list of shows I wanted to see on the West End. I knew couldn’t leave London without seeing “Sinatra: The Man and His Music” being an jazz lover and a Sinatra fan. So I booked myself a ticket in the Stalls with TodayTix** and arrived at the Palladium early to bask in all its regal beauty.

I seek only two things when I go to theatre.

Good music. Beautiful dancing.

No need to embellish, just do these things well and I’m hooked.

London Palladium Theatre

London Palladium Theatre

With a full 24-piece band set onstage that’s just what “Sinatra” did. The theatre fill-up with the full and boisterous sounds of classic jazz standards. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Don’t hide that band in the pit. Feature the talents of London’s musicians.”  the show seemed to say.[/pullquote]

With the clear and crooning sound of Sinatra’s voice accompanying the talents of the band, I was taken to another time and place with songs like “New York, New York” and “Fly Me To The Moon.” Often certain players would leave the bandstand for a spotlight role on the main stage, adding an intimate lounge atmosphere to the show which I loved.

Kelsey Jazz London Palladium Sinatra

The show could practically stand alone with the talents of the band, combined with the visuals of Sinatra recordings artistically compiled into a visual feast on giant LED screens. But it gets better. With a cast of 20 professional dancers and choreography to bring them to their best, the show took over the stage. The whole production, music, visuals, and dancing, exuded old-world class and elegance. The choreography was rooted in a deep technical ballet foundation, producing an elegance to the dancing that perfectly reflected the show’s sound and feel. And fitting still, the dancing changed quickly from graceful adagios, to high-energy swing dancing, to restrained showgirl cabaret. All reflecting a time, era, and place that oozed Sinatra style.

SinatraThe Man and His Music

Now some of you at home might be thinking there’s no way to improve upon Frank. And you’d be right. His voice IS the reason we’re all sitting in velvet seats with bated breath. But what this show does so well is accentuate that, not steal from it.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It’s not other people doing Frank; It’s Frank doing Frank.”–Nancy Sinatra[/pullquote]

This show is all Frank’s. Those that are present– the band, the dancers, the lighting designers, the set designers, are there to make it his night.

Treat yourself to a night at the theatre while you still can, showing at the Palladium through October 10!


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