The Perfect Traveler’s Bag

I’ve read a lot of Amazon reviews and blog posts about the PERFECT travel bag. But why do I have to use just one bag? I like to have an assortment, depending on what I’m doing, where I’m going, and most importantly—what I’m wearing.

Now I realize people like to travel light, but I don’t see these bags as putting too much weight or bulk into your suitcase. They’re light and perfect for all kinds of occasions. And isn’t that what you want a bag to be–multi-purpose.

If I’m taking an epic hike in Norway the lighter the pack the better (because hills). Or if I’m clubbing all night in Barcelona, and I need a clutch that’s more than just cute (but mostly cute). Or if I’m curling up in a coffee shop in Melbourne, I need a bag that can tote that will pull it’s weight (because old laptop).

So here’s a round-up of my go-to bags I can’t travel without. I don’t see why you can’t bring them all!

Status Anxiety Backpack

I was wandering around Hobart, Tasmania in December looking for Christmas gifts in the Salamanca Market. I stumbled into an artisanal wares shop, the kind that sells spoon rings and stemless wine goblets (the best kind). That’s when I saw these bags by Status Anxiety. I loved the thick canvas and the leather detailing. And the pockets, oh the pockets. There’s a padded laptop holder, a bonus. The overlap velcro/snaps open to reveal MORE pockets, in particular, one that fits an ipad mini perfectly. My Status Anxiety is looking a little battered here, but that’s because she’s been all over the world…literally. I’m looking forward to more adventures with her soon…or perhaps with her brother in Charcoal?

Status Anxiety Backpack


Ferdinands Co Canvas Crossbody

It was an uncharacteristically gorgeous day in Seattle when I happened upon Ferdinands Co at the Ballard Farmers Market. I was instantly enamored with everything they had sitting out in the Seattle sunshine. Their instagram should really do the talking here. Their whole line of products oozes Pacific Northwest coolness. I wanted ev-er-y-thing. But instead, I bought noth-ing…That day at least…Instead, I left Seattle and flew across the country, and proceeded to dream about Ferdinands Co one-shoulder canvas pack like a lover I left in the West. So I wrote them and asked if they still had it. And what did they do? Ship it to me priority because they’re a small business and their customer service is fabulous like that.

Ferdinand's Co Backpack

Patricia Nash Map Clutch

Patricia Nash is my spirit animal (my spirit animal with awesome leather tooling skills). Patricia’s bags are chic and understated and tastefully travel inspired, made of high-quality materials ready to stand up to wear. Don’t miss out on her entire line of map print bags, clutches, and wallets.

Patricia Nash Clutch Map

Mega Gear “Ever Ready” Protective Gear Camera Case

Protecting my Sony A6000 is high on my priorities, right after eating, sleeping and photographing my cappuccino. Traveling does damage to electronics that hurts my heart (and bank account). So investing in this cute leather protective case was a no brainer. It’s super easy to keep hanging around my neck and snap off as soon as I want to shoot something. When unsnapped, the leather detailed remains on the palm grip, giving you that hipster feel that we all kind of like (admit it).

Mega Gear Ever Ready Camera Case

Loving my knapsacks that keep me company on the road!

What’s your favorite travel pack? Comment below

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