Handmade Local Maker Gifts for Travelers

I have GREAT gift-giving game thanks to my travels (toots own horn)…My family looks forward to my Christmas gifts because they know they won’t get another pair of slippers.

I buy gifts year-round as i travel.


My family knows they won’t be getting a key chain sold by all the same street vendors in Spain, or an Italian tea towel that’s actually made in China. I’m attentive to the gifts I buy abroad to be sure they’re made locally by small producing craftsmen. This way I support the maker scene wherever I travel, and have unique gifts for all occasions.

 my favorite picks this year of some craftsmen/women that have caught my eye throughout my travels.

Personalized Luggage Tags

No one can not NOT use a luggage tag. These are minimalist and heavy duty, made from aluminum and custom made by a HUMAN just for you.

World Map Camera Strap

My Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera goes with me on all my travels and lives around my neck. For something I wear all the time, why have I not made it more of a statement piece? I like the sleeve for the lens as I’m always forgetting which pocket I put mine in.

Fitzgerald Quote Print

I’m constantly picking up prints from all over the world for my future wall of global art (stay tuned). This one in particular speaks to my traveling soul with a quote by one of my favorite authors. I suggest it for a literary friend, a seafaring friend, or someone who likes blue…because blue.

Sea Grape Essential Oil Roll Ons

I was first introduced to Sea Grape Oils at a Renegade Craft Fair. I find them to be great alternatives to perfume or cologne because of their subtle earthy scents that don’t bother my allergies (pushes glasses up nose). Go for this handy travel-set that won’t get confiscated by the big bad TSA.

World Map Earrings

Tranquilla Studios is another Renegade Craft Fair find. I fell in love at first sight with my world map ring (see feature photo). I’m longing for the earrings to match, and I’ll bet you an traveling girl wouldn’t mind a pair.


Leather Backpack

I have a whole post dedicated to the Perfect Travel Bag (in case you were losing sleep about that). This one looks like another great bag to make your go-to carry on. The leather detailing is beautiful, and the added support and reinforcement make it great for wending around exploring all day, sans back ache.

State Map Necklaces

These necklaces caught my eye with their delicate lines and simple aesthetic. I have one myself but I’m waiting for Florida to stop being the face-palm of the United States before I start wearing it about.

World Map Bunting

The perfect everyday decoration to live over your desk and inspire your next flight booking.

Travel Wanderlust Ring

These makers based out of Greece know there’s a mad bunch of girls out their obsessed with all things wanderlust. Check out their whole line of elegant travel-inspired jewelry.

Support your local artists and share your favorite travel find below. Happy Holidays!

* My selections are all my own and not sponsored…But I get a teensy-weensy piece of the pie if you buy these handmade products using my links here. Spread the cheer!

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