The Big List of Cruise Ship Auditions

Getting paid to travel is the dream, right?


Question: Where are these jobs?

Answer: I don’t know…But a quick google search will provide with a bajillion and twelve ways to “Make A Living From Your Laptop!”….Sorry, I can’t tell you how to do that.

I CAN tell you how to make a living singing, dancing, and wearing all things sparkly.

“Moments to Remember” Production Show

Entertainment is an industry full of travel opportunities. Performing on tour, abroad, or onboard are all ways to make money while roving around and pocketing your paycheck. In this post, I’m featuring what I know about obtaining a job onboard cruise liners. After many years searching the Entertainment industry for travel opportunities, I’ve got quite a fat pile of information on the topic.

Here’s what’s great about cruise ship dancer/singer auditions…


They’re free and open for anyone to attend—we call this an “open call” or a “cattle call.” No agent necessary! You’ll find auditions touring globally at most major cities in North America, Australia, and Europe. With the help of social media, keeping up to date on these auditions is easier than ever. If it’s still too far to make an audition in person, many cruise companies now accept online submissions of performance material and show skills in video reel form. Below each cruise line I’ve listed whether their casting departments hire from reel submissions.

Dust off your talents and get yourself a headshot. Audition season for ships never ends!

 **Below is what I know to be current and accurate. If you see info that needs updating, let me know in the comments.


Celebrity Cruises Productions

A modern luxury large-ship fleet, Celebrity has undergone some serious rebranding in the last decade. Their newly refurbished ships are modern-chic with clean lines and a contemporary feel. Celebrity just announced their goal to launch 18 NEW shows across the fleet over the next 18 MONTHS. That’s one new show opening per month (in case you math is rusty). Their shows are contemporary and edgy with lots of circus elements and character development (think hand balancing, silks, lyras, pole artists).

Accept Online Submissions: YES

Rehearsal Facility: Miami, FL USA



Royal Caribbean Production


RC is known for bringing Entertainment from the likes of Broadway to the high seas. RC was the first to install Broadway shows onboard like “Hairspray” “Chicago” and now “CATS,” “Grease,” “Saturday Night Fever,” and “We Will Rock You.” The team at RC are always innovating. With one of the largest fleets in the world RC has a lot of theatres to fill. They’re creating shows of all genres, from classic Motown, to Cirque-style, to Jazz standards, to Vegas style, Ballroom, and the aforementioned Broadway features.

Royal Caribbean EntertainmentExpect Entertainment casts to be HUGE. Because of Royal’s varied entertainment offerings, you’ll find yourself onboard with ice-skaters, high-divers, magicians, and all array of performers.

Rehearsal Facility: Miami, FL USA

Accept Reels: YES


Princess Cruises Entertainment


Princess has a large fleet of eighteen ships of various sizes. Their entertainment is classic production show style (think Elton John medleys, Motown mashups, Country Jams). A lot of cruisers gravitate toward this nostalgic variety-show entertainment. To perform these kind of shows you need to be skilled in dancing an array of styles. Still, new shows with contemporary music can be found on their bigger ships, like the Royal Princess and the Regal Princess. Princess just announced a partnership with Stephen Schwartz, composer of Wicked, Pippin and Godspell, who has crafted custom shows for them in classic musical theatre style.

Rehearsal Facility: Santa Clarita, CA USA

Accept Reels: YES


Fiera Princess Cruises

Holland America Cruise Lines (RWS & Associates) & (Belinda King Creative Productions)


Holland America contracts freestanding production companies to design new shows for their felet and keep their entertainment fresh. Holland America is just finishing a transition from using Stilletto Entertainment to RWS & Associates, a New York City based entertainment company known for staging shows in theme parks and industrials across America. The result is a line up of new, high-energy, contemporary shows that are constantly rotating and innovating. Some of Holland America’s smaller ships are performing shows produced by Belinda King Creative Productions. A London-based company of high caliber.

Rehearsal Facility: Long Island City, NY USA or London, UK

Accept Reels: YES and YES


holland america performers

Norwegian Cruise Lines (Norwegian Creative Studios)

Norwegian is another line of ships pushing their entertainment to land-based standards. Like Royal Caribbean they’re bringing near-full-length Broadway shows to the high seas with the likes of “Legally Blonde” and “Million Dollar Quartet” to name a few. These shows attract cutting edge talent and fresh new dancers. Norwegian is expanding and just adopted Regeant Cruise Lines and Oceania Cruise Lines under its umbrella of entertainment. So when you audition for Norwegian, you can also be considered for these smaller lines as well.

Rehearsal Facility: Tampa, FL USA

Accept Reels: YES



Carnival (Playlist Productions)


Carnival cruise lines is doing something with their Entertainment. They no longer hiring large casts of Principal Singers and Ensemble Dancers. Rather, they’re recruiting smaller casts of uber talented triple-threats that call themselves Singer/Dancers and Dancer/Singers. So that means you have to have strong singing chops, in addition to real movement ability. Their shows feature newly installed LED screens and incredible lighting.

Rehearsal Facility: Pembroke Park, FL, USA

Accepts Online Submissions: YES



Disney Cruise Lines


At no surprise, Disney Cruise Lines ranks high for quality onboard entertainment. Disney cares about entertainment and knows how to invest in it. Unlike most cruise ships built and designed by the rigid minds of nautical engineers, Disney ships were built with Entertainment in mind. Passengers that choose to cruise with Disney do so because of the entertainment brand they’re familiar with from the theme parks. Often times passengers cruise not for entertainment at all (ahem unlimited drinks, rock climbing walls, water slides… unlimited drinks). But not the case with Disney clientele. Disney is a family oriented cruise company (duh) so expect the passengers to follow in that vein; the ship will ooze that family feel. You can find audition details at the global Disney Audition site.

Rehearsal Facility: Toronto, Canada

Accept Online Submissions: NO


Disney Cruise Entertainment


Azamara Club Cruises


Azamara is a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean. You’ll find their audition details on the same website as Royal Caribbean Productions. Being a small ship fleet, the entertainment cast is small and the performance experience more intimate.

Accepts Online Submissions: YES

Rehearsal Facility: Hollywood, FL



Viking Ocean Cruises


Viking Ocean Cruises is a new line emerging out of Viking River Cruises. They’re expected to debut a new cruise liner each year for the next 10 years, so employment opportunities abound. Viking is one of the finest luxury lines out there, winning top awards for their experience at sea. Their entertainment, done by Mertz Productions out of Orlando FL, is winning among the award winners for their onboard productions.

Rehearsals: Orlando, FL

Accepts Online Submissions: YES


Regent Seven Seas Cruises:

This luxury all-inclusive line just got absorbed by Norwegian. Therefor, if you audition for Norwegian, you’re often considered for Regent shows too. Find details at their audition page. Expect Regent to demand high-class entertainers and cabaret-style performers who appeal to their ritzy clientele.

Accepts online submission: YES

Rehearsals: Tampa, FL



SilverSea Entertainment is currently produced by Luna Rossa Productions out of London, England. I don’t know anything about these productions. But their shows look regal, which would match the luxury brand that is SilverSea.

Accepts Online Submissions: YES

Rehearsals: London, UK






Thomson is Europe’s version of Carnival. It’s a family style cruise line that offers short, inexpensive cruises affordable for the middle class. Their shows are put on by Peel Entertainment. You can submit to them directly, or through Entertainer’s Worldwide.

peele talent thomson

P & O Cruise Lines


P & O is a mid-size cruise ship company mostly based out of Australasia. Their Entertainment is done by Headliner’s Theatre Company and Grayboy Entertainment and produce contemporary, commercial style shows that demand highly talented performers from all over the world.

Accepts Online Submissions: YES

Rehearsals: Southampton, England or Sydney, NSW


*If you find any of the information in this article to be incorrect, do not hesitate to let me know and I will correct it. Have any questions about auditions? Ask below!


Cruise Ship Auditions || A Big List of When & Where to Audition for Cruise Lines

cruise ship auditions big list


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  1. for Princess cruises and P&O cruises where can you find there information for video submissions on their websites

  2. Very interesting! Not a performer myself, but I love reading about the different professions that are out there. This is pretty cool!

  3. For someone who cruises often, I for one am always so impressed with the quality of the show on board the various ships.

    Since many of your readers are performers ,I will take this time to thank all of you for making our cruise ship experience a very entertaining one.
    Regards and cheers from all over the world!

    • Thanks Appreciative Traveler! We performers appreciate YOU! We can only do what we love with the presence of a gracious audience. Keep cruising, see you at sea.

  4. My son is auditioning but is not a stellar dancer but is an amazing vocalist do you think he has any chance if he is not a dancer?

    • Hi Jenn! Your son absolutely has a good chance of booking a ship contract. Most singers onboard are only asked to do light movement (think arm choreography and basic blocking), not full-on technical dance numbers. As long as your son has a natural, organic stage presence and can remember stage direction, he is certainly in a good spot to book a Singer contract. Thanks for reading and best of luck to your son at auditions!


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