Theatre Review: “An American in Paris” on Broadway

image14imageGershwin is my jam.

No really, if you can play a soulful “Rhapsody in Blue” on the piano, I’ll melt into a puddle at your feet.


I know what show I wanted to see before I’d touched down at LaGuardia. The newly debuted production was national news (in the Entertainment biz). I’m not normally one to follow the herd, but in this case there was a reason everyone wouldn’t shut up about it.

First, HOW did I get tickets to the hottest new show? I know a guy [puffs on cigar]…

Nah, it’s an app. Today Tix. It’s absolutely flawless and 1000% (not a typo) essential if you’re vying to see a Bway show. Want $20 off your ticket? Here.

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming. “An American in Paris” was the night at the theatre I needed. I’m not getting paid to say this. Not a penny. It was truly a remarkable show showcasing talented classically trained dancers, and boundary-pushing contemporary choreography. The staging was what surprised me. I love when a show makes the stage an integral character. There is a special art to staging and prop design that I truly admire; it’s its own kind of dance when the set pieces move around effortlessly.

Beyond that, how can you beat a full orchestra filling a theatre with the riveting score of a Gershwin classic?

Answer. Can’t.


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