Wend (v): To go in a specific direction. Typically slowly and indirectly.

The word “wend,” is the best way to describe how I travel—ambling and without direction…but also how I go about a lot of things, like shopping for groceries, exploring cities, navigating adulthood….

In the beginning

Wend was started in June 2012, when I set out to sail the globe working as a dancer on a cruise ship. I did my best pretending to be a travel blogger for a while and have proven, repeatedly, to be terrible at it. So now I’m writing about whatever I want. Namely my favorite things: dance, people, art, books, gouda… To name a few.

When I’m not eating cheese, I’m figuring out how to be a digital nomad, a millennial, an authentic storyteller, an entrepreneur, and a basic functioning adult. If one reader finds camaraderie in my blunders along this journey, this blog has been a success.

dance pointe shoes

My career in the performing arts began at 19 when I started working at Walt Disney World. Since then, my work as a dancer has brought me all over the world. From working and living in Tokyo, to sailing around the globe performing on cruise ships. Dance is my passion, and pursuing this love of mine has presented me with the greatest gift–the opportunity to travel.

Why do I travel? Most of the time I’m wandering around looking for local art, good food, and good company. I’m also seeking people and stories that reinstate the universal truths I know to be true.

  • People are inherently good

  • So is cheese

  • No one has it figured out.

  • The simple things in life are the most satisfying.

Topics You Will Find on Wend

  • Dancing

  • Traveling

  • Finding vintage and handmade things

  • Finding live music

  • Eating pastries

  • Eating cheese plates

  • Eating….

Topics You Won't Find on Wend

  • How to be a Budget Traveler: Sometimes I spend A LOT on coffee and pastries and wine. I’m not sorry.

  • Travel Guides: I have created a few posts suspiciously called “Wend City Guides,” which are “guides,” disguised as my favorite places to drink coffee, people-watch, and shop for vintage stuff. They’re accredited by no one and structured around where I got lost that day.

  • Doing crazy thrill seeker “bucket list” things: I’ve repelled down a waterfall. No big deal…but I also am content wandering around a flea market, so don’t look to me for an adrenaline rush.

  • My next e-book or e-course: I have no authority to create a book or a course in anything. Except perhaps “A Comprehensive Guide to Eating Your Weight in Gelato.”

Kelsey Glennon Dancer
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