2018 Mantras to Live By

 I didn’t jump into 2018 with resolutions and motivation trailing behind me like pixie dust. January was a constant struggle. I had expenses pop up at every turn which stressed my bank account in its already fragile post-Christmas state. I started back to school and the change was more drastic than I had anticipated. So I found myself reaching for wine and beer at the end of the day to soften the stress. Basically what I’m saying is January wasn’t my best month. What about you? Are you feeling like February should be the month we set resolutions? Can we make that a thing? I think so. Here are my mantras as I move through a year that will likely only get more hectic.


Mantras For a Grateful 2018

Plan your day the night before

coffee bed write

Find mini-adventures in every day life


DO NOT compare yourself to others

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Take time to be by yourself.

San Francisco Park Reading

Read more…From a REAL book, in your hands.

airport travel reading


Ask for help


Shop Small

renegade craft fair SF

Make something from nothing


Be your own best teacher. You can learn anything off youtube!

Vintage Airstream

Go outside more.

Go outside to places where you can’t hear cars.


Take time to cook from scratch.

bruschetta roma italy

Don’t tell yourself you can’t have wine (life is hard, be kind to yourself!)

wine florence italy

Spend less time with your face in your phone. Look up!


Be present. Don’t overanalyze.


Trust that you can tackle anything that comes your way. You are stronger than you think.

Shenandoah National Park


Don’t feel ashamed to do the things you love. (bing watch tv with a bowl of pasta…just me?)


Relish simple pleasures (A beer on a breazy patio, mmm)

Beer and wine on a patio

Make sure the people in life you cherish, know it.


Do it your way and don’t apologize for it.

Miami Wynwood Buddha Wall

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Kelsey is a dancer, wandering this world as performing artist and writing about it. She's skilled at forgetting her umbrella, getting lost, and eating too much cheese. Wend is her platform to share her nomadic lifestyle, and all the moments of beauty, grace, and hilarity that happen along the way. Join her as she finds her place in the world while dancing whenever she can.

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  1. Such great advice to live by! I especially love your advice to plan out your day so you can make time for mini adventures. I think it’s so easy to forget that exploring isn’t limited to vacation time or foreign destinations! Thanks for the good reminder!

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