Cruise Ship Auditions: THE BIG LIST

Travel+Get Paid=”The Dream” No?… So where are these jobs? Answer: I don’t know…But a quick google search will provide with a bajillion and twelve ways to “Make A Living From Your Laptop!” Sorry, I can’t tell Keep Reading

Where I Wend: Tampa, FL

I am an easygoing traveler. I’m always up for an epic adventure of course, but gimme a coffee shop and a bookstore and I’m good….I’m also bit of a snob about those things… While performing one Keep Reading

Where I Wend: Wellington, New Zealand

When I find myself in New Zealand’s capital city, I’m consistently drawn to Cuba Street, the bohemian heartbeat of Wellington. SHOP: Cuba is packed with blocks of vintage shops, artisan shops, and overflowing bookstores. You’re guaranteed an afternoon spent rifling Keep Reading

My Fort Lauderdale: “Hello Sunny”

I’m a Florida resident, born and bred. Still, I haven’t made too many trips South of my Central Florida base. The few I’ve made I remember vividly. Turning off that Turnpike recalls memories like: The morning my Keep Reading