Where to Dance: Boulder Colorado

When I travel to cities like New York or London, I know a good dance class awaits. Those cities are known for their arts communities. But sometimes, as I travel to places not particularly known for dance, I find Keep Reading

Inspiration: Buskers & Musos

I smashed together some clips I captured wending around Europe last summer using one of my favorite apps Magisto. It’s got me wanting to live as simply as buskers do, spending afternoons in European piazzas making Keep Reading

What Is It With Wanderlust?

What is it with Wanderlust? This “W” word, Wanderlust, is literally everywhere. I wish I was the marketing team that got the headstart targeting Millennial-girls-drinking-coffee-on-duvets-eating-macaroons-while-binging-Pinterest. Photo Credit: Unsplash Because I would be raking in big bucks Keep Reading

Shit Travel Bloggers Say

I think the healthiest people know how to laugh at themselves. And sometimes I have to giggle that this blogging business I’m in, and the shit that we travel bloggers say. “Nice to meet you. Keep Reading

Traveling to Find “Home”

You know that awkward moment at the grocery check-out? That moment when a stranger is touching your food, placing it into a bag, and you’re both just standing there forcing conversation, united simply because this person has to touch your Keep Reading