Traveling to Find “Home”

You know that awkward moment at the grocery check-out? That moment when a stranger is touching your food, placing it into a bag, and you’re both just standing there forcing conversation, united simply because this person has to touch your Keep Reading

Wend City Guide: San Francisco, CA

Another week gone by biking around my favorite foggy city by a bay. Like most of my travels, I arrived in SF with no set plans. Except perhaps to enjoy a few dance classes, and discover a Keep Reading

A Love Letter to Florida

Florida, you know I love you. But I can’t do this anymore. This time I’m really leaving you. I know it’s not the first time I’ve said it I’m going for good… First College. Then an Keep Reading

Millennial Travel: Experiences vs. Things

I recently read an study that said Millennials seem to value experiences over material posessions. YES! For once, we’re the generation that’s not whining and wanting. It looks like we’ve got our priorities straight… I think. Millenials value Keep Reading

Wend City Guide: Tampa, FL

I am an easygoing traveler. I’m always up for an epic adventure of course, but gimme a coffee shop and a bookstore and I’m good….I’m also bit of a snob about those things… While performing one Keep Reading