The Allure of Wanderlust

I cannot get away from this “W” word–Wanderlust. It is literally everywhere. I wish I was the marketing team that got the headstart targeting Millennial-girls-drinking-coffee-on-duvets-eating-macaroons-while-binging-Pinterest. Photo Credit: Unsplash Because I would be raking in big-bucks right now Keep Reading

Handmade Local Maker Gifts for Travelers

Handmade Artisan Maker Gifts for Any Traveler I have GREAT gift-giving game thanks to my travels (toots own horn)…My family looks forward to my Christmas gifts because they know they won’t get another pair of slippers. I buy gifts Keep Reading

Shit Travel Bloggers Say

“Nice to meet you. Can I take a look at your media package?” Woah. We just met. Actually, this is a normal thing to ask travel bloggers. A media package is a document made up of Keep Reading

Traveling to Find “Home”

You know that awkward moment at the grocery check-out? That moment when a stranger is touching your food, placing it into a bag, and you’re both just standing there forcing conversation, united simply because this person has to touch your Keep Reading

Wend City Guide: San Francisco, CA

Another week gone by biking around my favorite foggy city by a bay. Like most of my travels, I arrived in SF with no set plans. Except perhaps to enjoy a few dance classes, and discover a Keep Reading